Sunday, December 14, 2014


The waiting lounges in the airports are unlike the railway platforms where myriad faces spattered with drops of sweat of anxiety would pass you by or the bus stations where usually only local people bearing mainly just the known troughs and crests of facial topography wait morosely. The airport lounge would have only smatterings of people but mostly would have gaunt features or faces 'gauntified' by excessive self-importance. As a caricaturist gypsy, I was not strange to drawing such chaps too in the airports. But this time, it must have been a sort of record vis a vis the distance crossed/the air time spent . I had drawn 33 but only 25 came out of my ramshackle camera clean.
The first one I drew called for immediate execution as he was an unmistakable mix of my Kochi acquaintance, the ferocious public interest litigant, the late Nawab Rajendran and the bachelor local artist of Fort Kochi, Desmond. I had expected dismissing fireworks but the guy was too mellow for a Viswamitra lookalike. He was the Swedish Head of Mutt established by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi and looked after the cultural megashows of the Sect. I enquired about levitation and the bearded ex-engineer from the IIT convulsed into unstoppable laughter. I clarified that of all people in the airport lobby I knew more about body mass and the effects of gravity. "If you are OK with falling down , no harm in levitating", the ripples of laugh echoed everywhere. 
Then, the oozingly sexy girl just sat next to me after an unnecessary round of the lobby stalls and smiled at me in expectation. She had to be smiled back at

Of the three cabin crew, the fattest and the elderly of the cabin crew invited me to their portion of the plane and the three volunteered one by one. She was a delight to chat with, but that was for half a minute.

I wish all of them clean laughs and long hassle free lives . Hi Ho !