Monday, April 18, 2011

Thunchan Parambu, Tirur - Malayali Bloggers meet

Tirur, Thunchaparambu. A sprawling 'treeful', 'cottageful' memorial erected in memory to the Father of Malayalam language Thunchath Ezhuthachan. This is the last of the series of blog meets organised in Kerala, finding place in league of the Cherai Meet of 2010. Nowhereelse one can find such a cohescive blogging community as malayalees !

The main hall was full with malayalam bloggers mainly from the Malabar area by the time I reached. In the 1 hour, before and after the sumptuous Kerala sadya, I finished off the bloggers in 'Q', having had to still abandon some 40 of them to despair and non-stop curses targeted at this cartoonist.

Happy head-hunting, anyways !


  1. wonderful, I never saw such a thing in all my life. Of course these malayalese are crazy and funny people.

  2. Really a woderful memory card for each participants;congrats mr sajjive...