Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1 Minute at a startup Insurance Company branch

Panampilly Nagar, Ernakulam, Kochi
Lakshmi, coordinator of the newly fangled IndiaFirst Insurance in this area looked little bit upset when I met her at her office. The Childrens' drawing competition had not drawn in even 1/10th of the tots expected. Beaming swashbuckling youngsters but, were hovering around with files in hand and mobile handsets to the ear. It looked as if only Lakshmy was racking her brain on how to pull in kids and their unwilling parents to a contest arena. 

Then, I thought it was my duty to humour the nice lady first. The fast works must have made the youngsters  happy. I felt satisfaction.

Later, even after stretching the fare over three days, the net result would be a big disappointment. But, Lakshmi sounded hopeful when she called me again last week. A pleasant, graceful face. That is her forte. I wish her and her team good luck in building business !