Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1 Minute again at the smallest gallery in Kerala

 Local artist of Kochi, Kaladharan is alarmingly shedding weight ! From the 100+ that he was when in his element, what a slip that was ! Something that should have graced ME instead with all my pious wishes over a dozen years to get reduced without sporting a smear of sweat.. :(((
  The homely couple on way back from the Siva Temple. The inauguration of the exquisite stone-lookalike pencil finishes of goddesses was this time on Dinesh Shenoy, the recreator of heritage buildings in monochromatic sepia . But, once the bald man entered, suddenly it was his job. Kaladharan lighted all the wicks, snuffed the flame out and rekindled it, ritually. Dinesh never knew that sacred pattern, neither me or anybodyelse in-outside the gallery. Now, Dinesh will have to wait for that rare turn to be getting invited to inaugurate. 

He appeared clueless, dejected...forlorn 
like a heritage building...! 
 Kids among you, study this pose. 
This is the standard pose I, like any international counterpart of mine , am continuously being compelled to adopt before stoic or phlegmatic or shifting or smile-less faces of 80% of the blokes sitting before me. At that time, my pefectly round face would have broadened alarmingly without any immediate chance of return to normalcy. This is the time to pounce on my subjects because only those seasoned campaigners from smileless families of long pedigree would still refuse to buckle. But, by providence, this segment forms only 3.78637% of the total caricature seekers. So, I pull off easily. Then, my bulk acts as the buffer ensuring a smirk from my subjects. Altogether, no season is bad for me :)
The doctor from Amrita Hospital was among the first.
I thanked him publicly for carrying this face.
Even more deadly was Kaladharan's second son, umpteen times my model at the kids' camps at his house. I felt like crying for joy for getting two killer faces in 2 minutes, that too one after the other .
Sreekanth, the show was his. Pencil sketches of Bhagawans and Bhagawatis. He uses just 8B for shading. Repeated soft gracing on the paper will render the pic that stone-sculpted look.
Francis master, a great art teacher of the islands and Guru of the artist in the limelight, Bose Krishnamachari . Always sports a smile. His resembance with a former state minister is so much that the artist gets fidgety if he fails to hit the usual quota of a dozen acknowledgements from strangers
Another deadly face. Wafts about in the atmosphere. So light !
I continue to be jealous of his neck.
  local man..

another one
followed by this young boy having a bit of music in him
local businessman
the girl was never seen speaking a word..

The cameraman of the local TV channel came late
My first fisherman in Ernakulam :)
but not the first TV reporter
neither the first hotel boy
or the hotel 'muthalaali'
I have murdered Jayanth, the gallery owner, twice before
A young artist
The never say die Dinesh Shenoy, the apostle of monochromatic sepia in Kerala
Dinesh's son is so keen to take after his father that he has already started remaining bathless for days together, as per the age old prescription for great artists.
Amongst the gallery owner and four local artists..
Ajith, artist-businessman

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