Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mattanchery revisited !

It was after a long gap that I had to visit Mattanchery, yesterday evening, a dead city full of llingering old smells of spices and small time tea shops. A small function had been arranged to felicitate the team behind Kerala's first Konkani film. I took Dinesh Shenoy, my recent friend and a local, too along to the function. Dinesh, my opposite in girth is a killer in painting heritage buildings in sepia on canvas, each of which he finishes in exactly six days. Anand Kamath, an immensely caricaturable face and my friend, was the force behind this konkani idea. He was game enough to my suggestion of a 1 minute caricature-gift to each of the team members. In no time, A4 size paper was hailed for from the shop opposite and I drew out a slew of black markers in anticipation of the imminent soft kill to happen on paper.

The 15 caricatures I drew are here. Please have a tour :)

Dinesh Shenoy the artist of Me in Sepia (below)


  1. As usual Vintage Sajjive..Aniyove!

  2. Thankseyyyyyy, Chettov >.
    YOU are the first !!!

  3. നമ്മൾ തമ്മിലെന്ന് കണ്ടുമുട്ടും?

  4. Fantastic ~~Hearty congrats ~~ i did not know about this wonderful skill you possessed ~~Enjoyed visiting the gallery ~~ Ernakulam , Cochin ( Mattancherry ) is a great place and I used to visit this very frequently in the 60's on professional duties ``` Happy moments ....TKS

  5. Good are skilled. you had done it perfectly. Best wishes, congratulations