Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1 Minute at a Vidyarambham on Vijayadashami day 2011

This one series that would have made many little people and their doting parents happy just could not be posted in time. I regret that...

This was done on an impulse seeing coy, struggling to smile cute little kids offering Dakshina just in front of me to their Gurus in Piano, Drums, Guitar, Violin and whatnot at the National School of Music, Ravipuram, Ernakulam, Kochi in Kerala and lying in prostration on the floor at the Gurus' feet. 

This first girl appeared the freshest, smartest and the most confident of the lot. A born leader so to say. Of all the faces there, I did not want to miss out on her. Drew my wares out and made a flash start only to do the same face after face on a spree. I too thought, this might harbinger a happy, confident beginning in their creative career ahead. I prayed while I worked these out. But the light was dim, which shows in the pics. But as a souvenir, these are more than enough for those lovely kids !


This one chap whom I have drawn only thrice in his 11 years 
at home with me happens to be my only son Siddharth . 
He is into his 3rd year in Keyboard under his Guru Shri Bijoy, 
a soft-spoken, smiling, courteous young man ....

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