Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1 Minute at a Bloggers Meet

These 50 pictures were made at the venue of the Malayali Bloggers Meet held in Hotel Mayura Park, Ernakulam on 11.07.2011. This kind of ritualistic production has become indispensable part of all bloggers meet held in Kerala, the southernmost State of India. so much so that I am getting much more visitors at these venues than in my twin properties, KeralaHaHaHa and OooneswaramPO taken together over a weeks time . Also, most of the subjects take the caricatures to their webpages and joints like Facebook and now Google+.

The youngest attendee, ANJALI (അഞ്ജലി ) is struggling to cross her STD IX at school. 
Beat me simply at the Ice Cream Eating in stealth competition , 9:4 !
This Gramsci namesake, SAMSHI  (സംഷി) - 
one of the two three from the Media.
JOHAR, the camera buff and creator of ............
KAMPAR (കമ്പര്‍ )
SHERIFF KOTTARAKKARA (ഷെറീഫ് കൊട്ടാരക്കര) is a regular 
in Bloggers meets . Favourite pastime : Self-caricature collection .
AJU ABRAHAM(അജു എബ്രഹാം)
VILLAGEMAN (വില്ലേജ് മാന്‍ ) from a Gulfian State
CHANDIKKUNJU (ചാണ്ടിക്കുഞ്ഞ്), the handsome tutor in an Arab Enginering College
always takes care never to be seen other than in Black, label included...

DR. JAYAN EVOOR ( ഡോ. ജയന്‍ ഏവൂര്‍ ), a practitioner of the ancient 
system of medicine, Ayurveda was the  man behind this meet
KUMARAN (കുമാരന്‍ ), the author of Kumarasambhavangal
adopted red hoping for more colours from te other side.. :( SANDEEP PAMPALLY (സാന്ദീപ്‌ പാമ്പള്ളി)
  SANTHOSH ( സന്തോഷ് )
SHIBU PHILIP (ഷിബു ഫിലിപ്പ്)
SHALINI (ശാലിനി )REGHUNATHAN (രഘുനാഥൻ.എ. ആർ (പട്ടാളം)
the only representative of the armed forces.
VANTIPRAANTHAN (വണ്ടിപ്രാന്തന്‍ )Einstein - Sivarama Karanth lookalike, retired School master, 
REGHUNATHAN (രഘുനാഥന്‍ കെ.വി.)
KERALADASANUNNI (കേരളദാസനുണ്ണി) from Palghat JIKKU VARGHESE (ജിക്കു വര്‍ഗീസ്‌), the youngest of the organisers
KARNNOR (കാര്ന്നോര് ) means old man of the house YOUSUFA( യൂസഫ്പ ), another stock prsence in blogmeets in Kochi
REJI MALAYALAPPUZHA (റെജി മലയാലപ്പുഴ ) ANOOP (അനൂപ്‌)

MUNEER (മുനീർ) (തൂതപ്പുഴയോരം)
PONMALAKKARAN (പൊന്മളക്കാരന്‍ ) KUSUMAKUMARI (കുസുമകുമാരി)
SUNDARI(സുന്ദരി) , w/o Keraladasanunni
This spiritually inclined, KUMARAN Senior, a disciple of
Karunakara Guru of Santhigiri Ashram, Pothencode
The only anonymous participant. A mix of brawn and br..awn again :)
PUNYALAN ( പുണ്യാളന്‍  ), photographer and travellerARussian touch at last ! DIMITRO (ദിമിത്രോ)

MAHESH (മഹേഷ് ചെറുതന)
OTIYAN (ഒടിയന്‍ )
ANOOP KUMAR (അനൂപ് കുമാർ )
Singing poet, MANIKANTAN (മണികണ്ഠന്‍  )
 SHIBU PHILIP (ഷിബു ഫിലിപ്പ്  )
SAMSHI, again ... REJI P. VARGHESE (റെജി പി വര്‍ഗീസ്‌  )
JOSANTONY (ജോസാന്റണി ), poet
Anchor SENTHIL (സെന്തില്‍ )
Cross-section of the thinnest of them all,
MATHAPP (മത്താപ്പ്  ). Below : another essential pose.

SHINOJ (ഷിനോജ്)
Align CenterSAJEEM THATTATHUMALA (സജീം തട്ടാത്തുമല) The oldest of them all. ANCHALKKARAN (അഞ്ചല്‍കാരന്‍ )
JACOB RAJAN (ജേക്കബ് രാജന്‍  ) 

MAHESH VIJAYAN (മഹേഷ്‌ വിജയന്‍ )
  ALEX dropped in out of curiosity
SONIA ELIZABETH PATAMATAN (സോണിയ എലിസബത്ത് പടമാടന്‍ ),
the thinnest and counterpart of Mathapp ARUN KAYAMKULAM (അരുണ്‍ കായംകുളം), the famous author
Kayamkulam Superfast, a hilarious collection of anecdotes

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