Friday, May 27, 2011

Facebook readers

In the past, I have often come across absolutely absolute strangers with mostly non-caricaturable features who, after a short quizzing on public roads where such meetings always happened, would reveal themselves as my dearest Orkut-Facebook-Blogger groups buddies-incarnate. The massive size and the cat eyes, always beat my natural tendency to lie low, remain unseen and observe with abandon under that feigned immunity.

Now, months after the last such incident, it was the turn of my Telugu facebook friend from Bangalore,
Sridhar Comaravalli, an SBI retiree who bumped against me yesterday afternoon, his musician wife and Tanwi, the 8 year old sweet daughter of his long time friend, on tow. Sridhar is now on a splurge shooting away stills on his present travel spree. We hit upon each other through cartoons. Minutes later, when my good friend with the bhasma laden, satwik face departed, I had nothing else to present them with other than what my right hand has been indulgingly churning out without complaints for the last 35 years whenever I demanded....

Good bye, Sridhar, madam and the sweeeeeet, book-lover Tanwi :)


  1. So nice of you to not only do our caricatures, but also say some nice words about me...

  2. Very nice Gift u did for Mr.Sridhar(Great Photoartist).. Fabulous work..

  3. superb sridhar. even anasuya has liked it. congrats on your efforts as a cartoonist.