Saturday, December 17, 2011

1 Minute at a Marriage Reception

Marriage day eve. The girl was the daughter of my dear Blogger (in Malayalam) friend writing under the name 'Kaithamullu' (Pineapple thorn). One and a half hours. A wad of 100 drawing sheets. I could finish only 65. When I left at 10pm, I had ensured that there were no whimpering, craving little faces around my seat - a usual phenomenon at small crowds.

Incidentally, this happened to be the biggest marriage I attended in terms of opulence. But a fast caricaturist never never gets to enjoy the gaiety and flashiness of these functions, as he would be too busy bobbing his head up and down between the paper and the face of the subject in front of him, for the 10000th time, @ 10-12 pair of bobs per job, as per international standard .. Hi Ho ! But, history shows that this has never strained my apparently thick but factually non-existent neck ! 

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  1. വര വരോ വര വര........ എല്ലാം സൂപ്പര്‍ - ഏസ് യൂഷ്വല്‍