Monday, February 6, 2012

1 Minute at a painting camp at Fort Kochi

Sunday, the 5th February.  Mahatma Gandhi Beach,Fort Kochi. It is 10 O'Clock, morn. The Chinese nets have framed the towering container terminal cranes in the distance. The mangroves in the middle have turned sooty, with the frequent lorry trails to the construction sites in the island emitting high whiffs of earthen coloured dusty smog into the remaining green of the sturdy plants. Somehow, I felt distressed but less compared to the men who were getting less and less surprised with the form and number of fishes found in the net lifted out of water every 10 minutes.

There were some more sturdy, crafty men (no women) of the like of one in the foreground. The lean pleasant faced  twosome on the left of this chap were selling fresh cucumber-pineapple mix dusted with a dash of salt and red chilly powder  and this challenger gobbled up two plates in exactly 60 seconds in tune with the fresh Limca branding earned.


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