Saturday, February 4, 2012

1 Minute with the Political Heavyweights !

Very rarely, I come across hardcore politicians, not in secluded corners cadging their caricatures from a hitherto unknown me on the force of their skillfully groomed smiles, but in open forumns in the company of massive numbers of disciples and instant followers. 

The Kerala Cartoon Academy had set up stall in the Darsana Book Festival going on at Kottayam. Ramesh Chennithala came in royally to the main hall accompanied by Joseph Vazhakkan and the usual unknown local coterie of khadiwallahs.  
Chennithala looked young and disarmingly friendly in his
extended silent smile beneath that bush of neatly trimmed black mustache and the two small lines of eyes above that. My friends said, he has a passion for looking fresh in the public and hence a falling for a clutch of cosmetics wherever he goes. But that is anyone's fare these days. What endears him immediately to a stranger is that he is handsome in Kerala style.
Chennithala was game enough for a 50 second caricature and he appeared to like that immensely , being one done so quickly. When I shook hand, I felt like holding one of an adolescent who is dead against any kind of physical exercise !
On the contrary, Joseph Vazhakkan's hand almost prodded me into asking the young politico how long he had been in the Gym. In the pic, you can see how he sits before me confident to handle even I happen to turn suddenly adersorial :)

Happy watching these pics, to all !

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  1. പേര് ലിംകാ സജ്ജീവൻ എന്നാക്കി മാറ്റിയെന്ന് കേട്ടല്ലോ ? നേരാ ? :)